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Track-Safety Tips for Cyclists, Motorists and Pedestrians

OKC is a streetcar city, so we’ve outlined a list of things you’ll need to know when you’re driving, walking or cycling near streetcars, tracks and the Overhead Contact System (OCS) poles.

Remember to always be aware of your surroundings. Streetcars have slow reaction times, so be sure to obey traffic, wear proper riding gear and safely cross at designated locations. Let’s all get home safely.

Tips for Cyclists

Track grooves are slightly wider than the typical bike tire, and can be slippery when wet and hard to see in low light. Here are some important cyclist-specific tips that’ll make your ride along our route run a lot smoother:


Watch for streetcars before turning.  Always be aware of your surroundings and others, including streetcars, vehicles and pedestrians.


To avoid getting slender tires stuck in tracks, turn across the track at a 90-degree angle and don’t lean into turns when crossing tracks.

Get your slim tires over safely.  Change lanes next to the track at a  60-to-90-degree angle.

Don’t let the tracks throw your skinny tires a curve. Cross a curved track at a 60-to-90-degree angle.

Be safe:

Look and listen:

Beware of the door zone:

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Tips for Motorists

Streetcars run along a designated path and come with their own safety considerations. It’s important to remember that they can’t improvise to accommodate common motorist mistakes. Follow these motorist-specific tips to stay safe, and avoid fines and damage to your vehicle:

Do not overtake and or pass any streetcar, even if it isn’t moving.

Park your entire vehicle within the white lines to avoid bumps, scrapes or damage to your mirrors.

Watch for approaching streetcars before turning.

Look before you open your car door to see if a streetcar or cyclist is approaching.

Never stop, idle or park your vehicle in the streetcar’s path or in bike lanes. This applies to all vehicles, including delivery and service vehicles.


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Tips for Pedestrians

There are no fences or barriers between you and the streetcar, so be sure to always be aware of your surroundings and avoid distractions. Stay streetcar safe by following these tips when you’re walking, skating or wheeling through streetcar zones:

Don't walk, run or play along the streetcar tracks. Wait until traffic has stopped before crossing.

Remove headphones or reduce the volume so you can hear the streetcar’s bells and warning horns.

Always look both ways. Never cross in front of a moving streetcar – they can’t stop quickly. A streetcar traveling 20 miles per hour takes almost 60 feet to stop.

Cross the track at a 90-degree angle with assisted mobility devices, skateboards and strollers.

Stay clear of the Overhead Contact System (OCS) wires, poles and power substations. Never touch a downed wire or anything contacting it.


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